Ulster County Community Services Board

The Community Services Board (CSB) consists of licensed professionals and general members of the community who have a demonstrated interest in behavioral health services. The CSB advises the County Executive, the County Commissioner of Mental Health, and the County Legislature on matters relating to the Department of Mental Health. The members of the Board also have the power to inspect and review all facilities and programs of the Department of Mental Health, consult with respect to capital projects, and carry out related duties as may be required by the County Executive and Legislature. All reports and recommendations are part of the public record.

Executive Committee:

Chairperson - Barbara Hill

Vice-Chairperson - Anne Flanagan Kelly

Secretary & Membership - Robert Gelbach


Terrence Conklin

Anne Flanagan kelly

Robert Gelbach

Kathleen Gray

Barbara Hill

Karla Peterson

Denise Ranaghan

Nancy Schaef

Patricia Thayer

Dr. Michael Torres

Dan Ahouse

Romero Duffy

Kathy Hochman


Schedule of Meetings:

 The 2nd Monday of each month from 5-6:30pm

Golden Hill Office Building

239 Golden Hill Lane Kingston, NY 12401

2nd Floor Conference Room


People With Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee:

Chairperson - Anne Flanagan Kelly 

Jeanette DeBeaumont

Ethel Knox

Board Representation - Anne Flanagan Kelly


Mental Health Subcommittee:

Chairperson - Robert Gelbach

Terrence Conklin

Barbara Graff

Ethel Knox

Denise Ranagahan

Cheryl Ronk

Board Representation - Robert Gelbach, Barbara Hill


Substance Abuse Subcommittee

Chairperson - Dr. Michael Torres

Kathleen Gray

Patricia Thayer

Board Representation - Kathleen Gray, Dr. Torres