Psychology Internship Staff

UCMHD Psychology Staff - "Who We Are"

Kathleen Caproni, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who received her doctorate from the counseling psychology program at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1993. Dr. Caproni is currently the unit supervisor of the Family & Child Unit @ DSS, and is the primary supervisor for the DSS-based doctoral interns. Areas of special interest include child trauma/abuse treatment, group psychotherapies, family therapies, women & substance abuse, vicarious trauma, and forensic/court issues. Specializing in Developmental Play therapy with young children and their parents, she has developed and co-led the Developmental Play Family Program. As the mother of a young child, she can also be found at local playgrounds, and hiking and biking in the numerous local nature parks. 

Joel Lord, Ph.D. is the Chief Psychologist @ UCMHD as well as the Training Director of the psychology internship program. Dr. Lord is a licensed psychologist who received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York, NY in 1996. He has been involved in research designed to explore the relationship between cognitive/neuropsychological factors and both substance abuse and conduct disorders. His research experience has also included the examination of art therapy and psychological testing in the identification of dissociative disorders. Dr. Lord has an interest in the assessment of risk for violence and in the assessment of psychopaths. Before completing his doctorate, Dr. Lord worked for ten years in a private psychiatric hospital where he utilized various group therapies including art therapy and psychodrama. He also has clinical experiences in a managed care out-patient clinic, a state hospital, a prison, and as a therapist in a private school. In addition, Dr. Lord is the father of two young girls. When in search of peace of mind, he often returns to the Adirondacks to find the lakes and trails of his childhood. 

Ann Mundt, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who received her Master's degree and doctorate from the State University of New York at Albany in 1992. As a staff psychologist in the Family and Child Unit, Dr. Mundt provides individual and family therapy, acts as a consultant to an adolescent runaway shelter, and conducts custody and visitation evaluations for Family Court. As an outgrowth of her special interest in youthful offenders, Dr. Mundt coordinates and conducts an ongoing adolescent sex offender treatment program -- a psychoeducational relapse prevention program for which she has designed and implemented curriculum materials consistent with the most recent research-based standards and initiatives on sex offender treatment for adolescents. In general, Dr. Mundt utilizes a cognitive/behavioral treatment approach in both her clinical work and, more specifically, in pursuing interests related to child sexual abuse. She is typically a primary supervisor for a Family & Child Unit doctoral intern. Dr. Mundt also has a strong interest in the treatment of adolescents and maintains a busy private practice in the Kingston area.

Christine Rackley, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who earned her Master's degree from Northern Illinois University in 1985 and her doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 1997. She works on the CSS unit providing individual and group therapy. Dr. Rackley uses the Linehan Dialectic Behavior Therapy model with three different diagnostic categories and also is involved with two sex-offender treatment groups. In addition, Dr. Rackley specializes in working with individuals with borderline personality disorder and clients with trauma, loss, and unresolved grief. Research interests include outcome studies of Dialectic Behavior Therapy and the relationship between adoption and mental health issues. 

Claude Schleuderer, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years experience in the field. He received his Master's degree from Syracuse University and his Doctorate from the University of Georgia in 1989. Dr. Schleuderer has worked in schools, day treatment centers, outpatient facilities, crisis residences, courts, jails, universities, and community mental health centers. He works on the Child and Family Unit, coordinates the sex offender program, provides evaluation services at Family Court and typically provides supervision for two interns. He also maintains a private practice. Areas of current interest include child abuse and neglect treatment and prevention, child custody, competency evaluations, sex offender treatment, and child and family therapy. He has also done work in organizational consulting, vocational evaluation, and closed head injury rehabilitation. He has received several professional awards and has made presentations to national conventions including APA. Married with three children, Dr. Schleuderer has discovered that being a father is much more difficult than being a psychologist.