Healthy Ulster Radio


Healthy Ulster Radio is produced by the Ulster County Department of Health, in association with Pamal Broadcasting.

Program co-hosts are Ulster County Commissioner of Health and Mental Health, Dr. Carol Smith and Vincent Martello, Director of Community Health Relations.

Healthy Ulster Radio explores community health and wellness in all of its dimensions and features interviews with guests representing organizations that are working to improve community wellness and sustainability and advance Ulster County Executive Mike Hein's goal of making Ulster the healthiest county in New York State.

Healthy Ulster Radio airs every Sunday morning, at 7:30 AM on WBPM (92.9 FM) and at 8:30 AM on WQHQ (920 AM) and WGHQ FM (92.5), WLNA (1420 AM) and WBNR (1260 AM). Programs will also be posted here as soon as they become available.

If you would like to suggest a guest who you believe would have something interesting and relevant to contribute or if you have a comment or question, please send an email to HealthyUlsterRadio[at]gmail[dot]com


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 1 - 06.28.16 - the debut program featuring an interview with Ulster County Executive Mike Hein discussing why improving community health was, and is, a top priority and how it impacts the overall vitality of the community and factors into all of his policy decisions.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 2 - 07.03.16 - an interview with UCDOH Commissioner, Dr. Carol Smith on the ZIKA virus, its origin, threat and testing protocols.  Includes preventative measures that people can take to help prevent it. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 3 - 07.10.16 - this program focuses on Lyme and other tick borne diseases and how to prevent and treat them. Guests are UCDOH Health Education Coordinator and resident tick expert, Stacy Kraft and Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Marc Tack.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 4 - 07.17.16 - a discussion with Tobacco Free Action Communities Director, Ellen Reinhard, on the dangers of tobacco use, tobacco marketing and what's being done to help prevent it in our community and region.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 5 - 07.24.16 - a discussion on clean water, a cleaner Hudson River and watershed protection, with Dan Shapley, Water Quality Manager at Riverkeeper.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 6 - 07.31.16 - a look at access to healthy food and food insecurity with Micheal Berg, Executive Director of Family and Beth McLendon, Director of Ulster Corps.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 7 - 08.07.16 - an exploration of Ulster County's magnificent rail trail system and what it means for community health and economic vitality with Chris White, UC Deputy Director of Planning and Dr. Kathy Nolan, Senior Research Director of Catskill Mountainkeeper.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 8 - 08.14.16 - this program examines Veteran's health and wellness and available services, with Keith Bennett, Deputy Director of Ulster County Veteran's Services Agency


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 9 - 08.21.16 - this program explores the connection between home energy efficiency, affordability and climate change with Michael Courtney, Outreach Coordinator from Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 10 - 08.28.16 - this program focuses on lead poisoning, how to prevent it and what we need to know to help protect our children. Guests are Donna Greenfield and Wendy Johnson from  UCDOH's lead poisoning prevention programs


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 11 - (rerun of Show 4 above)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 12 - 09.18.16 - a discussion with Stacy Rein, Director of United Way of Ulster County


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 13 - 09.25.16 - this program discussed children's dental health and wellness 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 14 - 10.02.16 - a discussion on Substance Abuse Prevention with Cheryl DePaolo, Director of Ulster Prevention Council


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 15 - 10.09.16 - this program looks at the new regulations regarding bringing your dog along to dine outdoors at restaurants.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 16 - 10.16.16 - a discussion about heart health and preventing cardiovascular disease with the American Heart Association. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 17 - 10.23.16 - a look at the Ulster County Relatives as Parents Program.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 18 - 10.30.16 - the topic is Recycling and Community Health and Sustainability, with guests from Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 19 - 11.06.16 - a discussion about our community's extensive suicide prevention efforts, with Ellen Pendegar, CEO of Mental Health Association in Ulster County.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 20 - 11.13.16 - the topic is Sustainable Ulster County and how Ulster County became one of the only net carbon neutral communities in the nation.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 21 - 11.20.16 - influenza is a serious and preventable, contagious disease. This program discusses flu vaccinations and how to protect yourself and your family.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 22 - 12.04.16 - a discussion on the Safe Harbour Program, designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and trafficking, with UC Commissioner of Social Services, Mike Iappoce and Program Coordinator, Jackie Arsenuk.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 23 - 12.11.16 - an exporation of Ulster County's Mobile Mental Health Team, with Patricia Tuber, Program Director. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 24 - 01.01.17 - an exploration of the YMCA in Ulster's cardio fitness programs, with CEO Heidi Kirschner.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 25 - 01.15.17 - a look at Ulster County's Home Energy Assistance and Fuel Assistance programs.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 26 - 01.22.17 - this program highlights Ulster County's Family Advocate program designed to help people navigate their way through available substance abuse treatment and recovery programs and insurance coverage.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 27 - 01.29.17 - a discussion about Elder Abuse Prevention with represenatives from the Ulster County Elder Abuse Prevention Taskforce.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 28 - 02.05.17 - a look at cancer and how to help prevent it with Amy Wen, Senior Manager for Health Systems at the American Cancer Society.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 29 - 02.12.17 - a dicussion about preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke with Carolyn Torella, Communications Director of the American Heart Association in the Hudson Valley.