Children's Camps

Children's day and overnight camps are regulated by the Ulster County Department of Health according to the State Sanitary Code Subpart 7-2.

The Ulster County Department of Health strives to help children have a rewarding, fun experience at camp while in a safe and healthy environment. Permits are required and camps are inspected at least twice a year.

There are about 30 day and 30 overnight camps in Ulster County serving thousands of children each year.


Mandatory Digital Camp Director's Meeting 2017

American Red Cross courses offered at the Kingston YMCA 

2017 Children's Camp Cover Letter

WC-DB info sheet

Application DOH-3915

Aquatic Director Fact Sheet 2017

Camp Trip Swimming Fact Sheet 2017

CPR Fact Sheet 2017

EPI Pen Fact Sheet 2016

First Aid Fact Sheet 2017

Lifeguard Fact Sheet 2017

Level 3 and 4 CPR Fact Sheet 2016

Swimming Pool Operator Fact Sheet 2016

Learn-to-Swim Fact Sheet 2017

Progressive Swimming Instructor Fact Sheet 2017

Level 3 for Instructional Activity Fact Sheet 2016

Abuse Report Form

Aquatic Director Requirement Effective 2012

Bed Separation Slides

Buddy Board System for Swimming Areas

Bunk Bed Fact Sheet

Child Safety Act - 1392-a

DOH 367 Final 01-12

DOH 367-Addendum

DOH 61 - Rabies Exposure Form

DOH61a - Injury Report

DOH 61b - Illness outbreak Report

DOH 61e - Ephinephrine Admin Report

DOH 61h - Multiple Victim Injury Report Form

Fact Sheet for Bat Habitat Inspection

Fight the Bite - Insect Repellants

Fire Report Form

General Guidelines for Management of Bats

General Safety Tips for PaintBall

H1N1 Flu Guidance

Heat Illness Fact Sheet

Helmet Information Pamphlet

How to Obtain a Permit to Operate a Children's Camp

LDSS-3770 - Database Check

Life Jackets - The Fit is It

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet

Lyme Disease - How to Remove the Tick

MRSA Fact Sheet

Mumps Fact Sheet

NYS Camp Information for Facility Operators

HCS Account Request Form for Camps

NYSIIS Information for Camp Users

NYSIIS Operator Letter

NYS Fecal Incident Response In Pools Fact Sheet

NYS Vomit & Blood Contamination In Pools Fact Sheet

Petussis Fact Sheet

Prospective Camp Director Statement

Rabies Fact Sheet

Rabies - What to do Fact Sheet

Region 3 - Forest Ranger and USGS

Required Reporting Poster

Requirements for a Permit to Operate a Children's Camp

Safety Plan

Sample Buddy Check Clip Board Sheets

Meningococcal Parent Letter

Meningococcal Response Form

Sex Offender/NYS Regisltration Procedures to Protect Children

Swimming Pools Subpart 6-1

Bathing Beaches Subpart 6-2

Children's Camps Subpart 7-2

Tick and Insect Repellants

Univeral Application Form - Application for Permit to Operate

Vaccine Preventable Disease Camp Operator Letter 2017

Vaccine Preventable Disease Camp Procedure 2012

Vaccine Preventable Disease Letter Attachment 2012


Swimming Pool Operation Sheets

Bathing Beach Operation Sheets

Drinking Water Operation Sheets


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