Division of Fire Services

2021 Training Schedule  

Start Date Course

Fall Schedule (10/12/21)

June 2021- November 2021

Fire Officer I


Leadership & Supervision (June 16th)

Firefighter Health & Safety (July 21st)

Company Training & Community Risk Reduction (August 18th)

Planning & Emergecny Response (September 15th)

Fireground Strategy & Tactics for the 1st Arriving Company Officer (October 6th)


Firefighter I - Combined BEFO / IFO


Firefighter I - Combined BEFO / IFO

Course Schedule


Rescue Technician - Basic



      The Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) has implemented a fillable PDF student completion roster (form EOSB 600) and student data sheet (form EOSB 601), which in turn will change how a new student receives their  New York State Training Identification Number (NYID) and how student completions are received to the OFPC by instructors (See Attached Memo).