County Executive Metzger Signs Resolution Committing Annual Occupancy Tax Revenues to Housing & Transportation

Posted June 28, 2024

County Executive Jen Metzger yesterday signed a resolution requiring that 25% of annual occupancy tax revenues be allocated to the County’s Housing Action Fund and another 25% to public transportation initiatives. The resolution was proposed by County Executive Metzger and sponsored by Majority Leader Abe Uchitelle, Chair of the Health, Human Services, and Housing Committee. It was later amended to dedicate another 10% of annual revenues to the Ulster County Department of Tourism, and passed easily in the June legislative session by a vote of 16 to 6.


At current occupancy tax collection rates, the new policy would add $1.5 million in 2025 to support the development of new housing. Last year, the Legislature approved the County Executive's proposal to create a $15 million Housing Action Fund to support housing projects that are affordable and meet energy and sustainability standards, and the first round of awards is expected to be announced next month. 


Dedicating a portion of annual revenues to the Housing Action Fund ensures a sustained investment in the coming years to help relieve the housing affordability crisis. In addition to housing, the new policy would commit, at current tax collection rates, approximately $1.5 million of occupancy tax revenues to public transportation and another $630,000 for tourism.



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