County Executive Mike Hein Thanks Supporters Of The State-Wide Pharmacy Takeback Legislation And Urges Governor Cuomo To Sign Into Law

Posted July 5, 2017

“Opioid addiction has devastated countless families across our nation, and the frightening reality is that our community has not been spared. In order to impact a problem as serious and complex as this, Ulster County Government and so many partners from all walks of life have worked tirelessly to improve supports for education, treatment, and recovery. And though not a panacea, part of any comprehensive solution must include getting excess opioid-based prescription medications off our streets, as it often serves as a gateway to heroin. Simply put, it shouldn’t be easier to return bottles and cans than it is to return excess narcotics. To that end, I want to offer a sincere thank you to both Assemblymember Aileen Gunther and Senator Kemp Hannon who recently sponsored State legislation that would require large chain pharmacies to take back any unused prescription drugs. This common sense, life-saving legislation that we fought so hard for, passed unanimously, and for that we truly thank all of the members of the State Assembly and Senate.  This successful step was made possible by everyone who championed this cause: from media outlets and activist groups to healthcare professionals and dedicated community members all who simply wanted the tragedies to stop.  New York, under Governor Cuomo, has been making huge strides in this area but our work is far from done, so I urge the Governor to continue this progress by signing this legislation and adding an important tool to our fight against opioid abuse and the senseless and devastating overdose deaths it causes.”

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