Court Grants County Former Bank of America Parcels at Tech City Enabling Development Opportunities at Long-Dormant Site

Posted November 4, 2019

Summary Judgment Awarded to Ulster County in Foreclosure Proceeding Against Tech City Owner Alan Ginsberg’s Companies for Failure to Pay Taxes

County Filed Deeds Friday and Begins Taking Possession of Properties Today

KINGSTON, N.Y. – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan announced today an Ulster County Court judgment in a proceeding against Tech City developer Alan Ginsberg that grants the county ownership through foreclosure of two large parcels at the long-dormant site, including all of the buildings formerly used by Bank of America in the western portion of the industrial campus formerly occupied by IBM.

The Court’s judgment enabled the county to obtain deeds for the properties, representing slightly more than 82 acres at the site in the Town of Ulster, and begin the long-awaited transition to making a significant portion of the site economically viable under new ownership. The judgment was based on a court decision entered last week, granting the County’s summary judgment motion in the tax foreclosure proceeding against these two parcels.

“The court’s decision is a win for all residents of Ulster County and a major step toward unlocking the potential of the site,” said County Executive Ryan. “The current owner’s approach has essentially held our county hostage for decades, and that ends now. We are committed to working tirelessly with our legal team, economic development professionals and the County Legislature to come up with a true 21st Century plan for the property through a smart and transparent process involving all facets of the community.”

The court’s decision and subsequent judgment, from Ulster County Court Judge Donald Williams, culminates a foreclosure proceeding against Ginsberg’s companies related to the two specific parcels to the west of Enterprise Drive at the campus. In total, Ginsberg’s companies owed more than $3.3 million in back school, town and county taxes on the two parcels dating to 2016. With the deeds now filed, the Ulster County Department of Public works has begun the process of taking physical possession of the former Bank of America buildings and parcels to secure the facilities and make initial assessments of their condition.

Court proceedings remain pending against Ginsberg’s companies on several other parcels at the campus as well with additional back taxes owed totaling more than $8 million. County Executive Ryan remains in close coordination with Town of Ulster leadership as well as state and federal authorities with respect to hazardous waste debris piles throughout the eastern section of the campus, as well as hazardous materials and conditions throughout the rest of the site.

“There remain significant milestones ahead for the campus as a whole and I remain committed to achieving the most feasible path forward as expeditiously as possible,” Ryan added. “My administration remains committed to ensuring the site will have a viable and positive impact on the county’s future success.”

“This is a significant milestone for Ulster County that will provide for new avenues of opportunity for the County’s economic prosperity,” said Ulster County Legislative Chairwoman Tracey Bartels. “The entire legislature looks forward to working with County Executive Ryan on determining the best step forward in positioning this property for successful redevelopment.  

“This is an exciting first step in returning these pieces of Tech City to a viable and productive use,” said Brian J. Woltman, Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature’s Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning & Transit Committee. “I am looking forward to working alongside County Executive Ryan each step of the way towards the rejuvenation of this key location for the people of Kingston, and Ulster County.”

“This decision affords Ulster County a tremendous opportunity to reimagine the possibilities inherent in this critical economic development asset,” said Lisa Berger, Director, Ulster County Department of Economic Development. “I look forward to working with all partners on a process that will allow this campus to be developed in a smart, sustainable manner for it to become a centerpiece in the Hudson Valley for equitable economic development.”