Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan Announces the Largest Gain in Private Sector Employment in More than Two Decades

Posted November 1, 2019


Private sector job creation in Ulster County increased by over 3.5 percent

KINSTON, N.Y. - Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan announced today that Ulster County reached the largest increase in private sector job growth in over 20 years. This increase was reported in the New York State’s Bureau of Labor Statistics private job creation numbers that showed a 3.5 percent increase in non-farm and private sector job creation for Ulster County in September 2019. 

 “The recently released employment numbers show that Ulster County’s economy is starting to make significant gains,” Pat Ryan, Ulster County Executive said. “Economic growth that helps all of our residents is a key priority of mine. Despite these good numbers we still have a lot of work to do. That is why we have stood up Ulster 2040 - to align our County with our natural economic and social strengths and to make the necessary investments to be successful in these key areas. This is also why I was proud to sign legislation to create the first-ever Department of Economic Development.”

“These numbers are proof that Ulster County’s economy is firing on all cylinders,” Lisa Berger, Director, Ulster County Department of Economic Development said. “It’s the first time since 1998 that we have seen this kind of robust private job creation in Ulster County. These numbers mean that our local businesses are expanding, and new opportunities are being created. Excitement and interest in doing business in Ulster County is high. It’s a great time to grow, expand or invest in business in Ulster County.”

For Metro regions, Ulster County’s private job creation was second in the state to Ithaca’s and outpaced the Dutchess-Putnam MSA (1.8 percent) and Orange-Rockland-Westchester MSA (0.9 percent). Unemployment numbers for September (also released by New York State’s Bureau of Labor Statistics) show Ulster County has a 3.4 percent unemployment rate. According to these numbers, private job creation outpaced unemployment in September. Ulster County is tied with Sullivan for the lowest unemployment rate in the Hudson Valley region. 

“This is exciting news for Ulster County and further proof that our economy is improving at a robust pace,” Ward Todd, President of the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce said. “We already know that small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy, creating two out of every three new jobs. What we find especially compelling is the fact that businesses often will not invest in new hiring without a belief that the economy will continue to be strong, so this also bodes well for our future.”

“This substantial trend in job growth is a very positive sign for Ulster County. It shows that businesses and candidates for employment have faith and trust that the Ulster County economy continues to be strong and moving in the right direction,” said Tony Marmo, President of Normann Staffing. “It is significant that this growth represents the highest percentage increase in 20 years and the second-highest in New York State. It also demonstrates the efforts between the public and private sectors in attracting businesses and employment talent to Ulster County. These efforts must continue in the form of attraction and development of the workforce to meet the demands of the growing businesses that select Ulster County as the place they want their employees to work, raise a family and take advantage of the incredible natural resources that are available.”

The last time the County’s year over year private job growth was this high was in 1998.