Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan Directs Cease and Desist Order Against Saugerties Polluter

Posted July 24, 2019

Test Uncover Illegal Dumping of Heavy Metals and Pesticides

Kingston, N.Y. – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan today announced the issuance of an order to immediately cease and desist the dumping of dangerous materials at the Keryols properties in Saugerties.

The order, issued through the County Health Department, requires that the properties stop receiving, “construction and demolition debris contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides.” The order asks for an immediate end to such practices.

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan

“The actions of the Karolys’ are egregious and threaten the health and public safety of the residents of Saugerties. We will not stand by and allow someone to show such disdain for their neighbors, the environment, and the law. My office will continue to monitor this situation and we will not hesitate to take additional action should these polluters continue to act in such a reckless manner.”

Pursuant to New York Public Health Law §324(e), §1303 and §1304, and the Ulster County Sanitary Code, the Commissioner of the Ulster County Department of Health has the authority to make and publish orders and amend regulations as she may deem necessary for the preservation of life and health, and to effectuate and enforce the provisions of New York Public Health Law and the Ulster County Sanitary Code Article III.

The town of Saugerties issued stop-work orders late last year and earlier this year to Karolys for all four of their properties. Enforcement has been halted by an order to show cause issued by state Supreme Court Judge Richard Mott.