Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan Proclaims Global Climate Strike Day

Posted September 20, 2019

The County also participated in the United Nations Climate Restoration Forum as a part of County Executive Ryan’s “Green New Deal” for Ulster County.

Kingston, N.Y. – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan issued a proclamation declaring that today, September 20th, will be recognized across the County as a Global Climate Strike as a part of the County’s continued commitment to urge action on climate. 

This week, Ulster County Director of the Environment, Amanda LaValle, was invited to attend a Climate Restoration Forum at the United Nations on Tuesday, September 17th, on behalf of the County. This session was held on the first day of the 74th United Nations General Assembly and in the lead up to Climate Week New York City. The Climate Restoration Forum brought together thought leading practitioners from the fields of science, engineering, economics, policy, and finance to discuss why Climate Restoration is an essential framework for climate action, and how we can safely restore a healthy climate. The Climate Restoration Forum was organized by the Foundation for Climate Restoration with support from the United Nations Office for Partnerships and in partnership with Earth Day Network and Future Coalition.

Young people across throughout Ulster County participated in Global Climate Strike Day. In the United States, over 700 strikes have been registered in all 50 states

“We must do everything we can to combat the existential threat climate change poses to our communities. The future of our climate directly affects the lives of young people, and I commend their bold leadership on this critical issue both at home in Ulster County and around the world,” said County Executive Ryan. “Defending and protecting our climate and introducing innovative ways to address the climate crisis is one of my top priorities, and I am eager to continue fighting for a greener future here in Ulster County and beyond.”

“Ulster County was invited to participate in the first Climate Restoration Forum held at the United Nations because of its nationally recognized involvement in climate and sustainability initiatives,” said Amanda LaValle, Coordinator of the Ulster County Department of the Environment. “The forum was filled with leaders detailing ways to catalyze action to reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases that we know are responsible for the warming climate. The highlight of the forum was hearing from youth leaders who are demanding immediate and dramatic action. We owe it to those who will inherit this planet to bring all to bear on acting on climate.”

One of County Executive Pat Ryan’s ‘Big Five’ priorities is to implement a Green New Deal for Ulster County. Earlier this year, County Executive Ryan committed to supplying 100 percent of Ulster County’s electricity usage from locally generated renewable energy sources by 2030. This goal augments a standing policy of purchasing 100 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources, operating a carbon neutral government, and targeting a 25 percent reduction of actual emissions by 2025.