Ulster County Executive Signs Resolution to Approve Funding For Public Safety Training Center

Posted June 28, 2019

Construction To Begin This Year on Long-Awaited Training Facility in the Town of Ulster

KINGSTON, N.Y. – County Executive Pat Ryan and members of the Ulster County Legislature gathered on Friday out front of the Volunteer Fireman’s Hall and Museum of Kingston, where the County Executive signed a series of resolutions authorizing funding for the construction of a new Public Safety Training Center to be located on Ulster Landing Road in the Town of Ulster. Members from several of the County’s independent Fire Districts and Fire Companies were in attendance, along with Everett Erichsen, the County’s Fire Coordinator and SUNY Ulster Vice President of Administration Jamie Capuano.

The new three-story concrete building will house a state-of-the-art burn facility and will provide additional hands-on training equipment that has previously been unavailable within Ulster County, forcing local volunteers to travel to other facilities throughout New York State. It will also be available to other first responders and law enforcement personnel for training on a growing range of emergency scenarios that they confront in the line of duty. 

Once completed, the County will enter into a use agreement for the Public Safety Training Facility with SUNY Ulster. All of the County’s 49 independent fire districts and departments, in addition to other emergency service and law enforcement agencies will have access to this facility. The new training facility will complement the educational component/classroom training opportunities currently housed in the Captain Jack Rose Memorial Lecture Hall at SUNY Ulster. Classroom facilities at the college’s Stone Ridge campus offer a state-of-the-art lecture hall and instructional resources for lectures, workshops and other professional development coursework.

Ulster County Executive Patrick K. Ryan

“Our fire fighters and first responders risk their own lives to protect the lives of others. It is imperative that our County provides them with the facilities they need to ensure that when they put their lives on the line, it is with all the proper training and preparation possible in order to minimize that risk,” said Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan. “It has been years in the making, and not without bumps in the road, but I am proud to advance this project to construction with my signature today.”

Dr. Alan Roberts, SUNY Ulster President

"SUNY Ulster  is pleased to continue our commitment to providing training opportunities for our community,” said Dr. Alan Roberts, SUNY Ulster President. “In addition, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Ulster County on the renovation of the College's Captain Jack Rose Memorial Lecture Hall for the benefit of our students, the SUNY Ulster community at-large and firefighters in Ulster County  participating in training programs and certifications."

Everett Erichsen, Ulster County Fire Coordinator

“When an individual decides to become a volunteer firefighter or picks the career path to be a career firefighter, they are signing up for something that most people would not do. They are putting their life on the line to save the life or property of someone else,” said Everett Erichsen, Ulster County Fire Coordinator. “In order for these selfless individuals to perform at their best and in risky situations be able to fall back on their training, we must provide them with the training programs and facilities they need in order to grow with changes in the fire service that have a direct effect on their performance and safety.”

Lynn Eckert, Ulster County Legislator, Chair of the Law Enforcement & Public Safety Committee

“I feel honored to have had the opportunity to advance this project through our Committee and within the Legislature,” said Lynn Eckert, Chairwoman of the Ulster County Legislature’s Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee. “Many of our volunteer fire fighters and first responders have other commitments – to a job, to their families – and taking a week off to go to a training facility half-way across the state just isn’t doable. This new facility will make it easier for our volunteers to get the training they need to perform their duties safely.”

Ken Ronk, Jr., Ulster County Legislator, Deputy Chair of the Law Enforcement & Public Safety Committee

“Many people have fought long and hard to reach this moment,” said Ulster County Legislator Ken Ronk, Jr. “I thank all of the brave men and women from throughout our County who not only volunteer their time to protect and serve their community, but who have come to the table to help advance this important project. I look forward to the completion of the training center and to the incredible boost it will provide to our volunteers and professional fire fighters.”  



1) Above: Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan signs a resolution authorizing funding for the Ulster County Public Safety Training Center in front of representatives and volunteers from local fire districts and members of the Ulster County Legislature.

2) Below: Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan at the podium before signing a resolution to authorize funding for the Ulster County Public Safety Training Center.