Subdivision Map Certificate

Prior to filing a map with the County Clerk, a Subdivision Map Certificate must be obtained from the Real Property Tax Service Agency pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 503.7. Real Property Staff must review the subdivision map and certificates showing that all taxes are paid.

If the subdivision depicts a new street name, contact Real Property in advance to request a street name approval. 

Procedure for obtaining a Map Certificate from Real Property:

1. Request tax certificate(s) from the Ulster County Finance Department at 340-3431 for all parcels to be changed on the tax map. This request must be made at least one day prior to filing the map. Depending on the time of year, Finance Dept. staff may direct you to obtain tax certifications from the Town or School District the property is in. Finance Department also obtains contact information for map filer. 

1a. If uncertain of tax map parcel SBL numbers for which tax certifications are needed, Real Property staff can assist by reviewing the map to be filed. 

2. Department of Finance staff will email preliminary copies of the tax certificates to Real Property Tax Service Agency for review. Original signed sealed copy will stay at Department of Finance until tax map certification is complete. 

2a. Real Property staff will contact map filer for appointment to review map. 

3. Bring subdivision map to Real Property for review and confirmation that parcel SBL numbers on all documents match current tax map identification numbers.  Real property staff will prepare the required map certificate, designate the fee for the map certificate, and issue a bill for the amount due. 

4. Take the bill to the Finance Department Tax Area to make payment for the map certificate and pick up the tax certificate(s) and pay for both at that time. 

5. Return to the Real Property Office with the paid receipt and pick up tax map certification(s). 

6. Bring  the map to be filed and the certificates to the County Clerk's Office for filing.