ATV Unit

The Sheriff's All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a special use motor vehicle designed for use on and off the road in situations where the use of a normal patrol vehicle or a 4-wheel drive patrol vehicle would not be practical. The ATVs were purchased with a grant to address complaints of trespassing and criminal mischief to property in areas where patrol cars could not enter.

Deployments of the ATV Unit include:

  1. Special events when additional vehicles are necessary or where special circumstances exist during the event.
  2. Surveillance operations or investigations where travel to and from the location is impractical by other means.
  3. Investigations or surveillance where the suspects may also be utilizing a similar vehicle in an effort to resist or hinder apprehension.
  4. To effect any medical or other rescue operation as may be necessary.

A deputy certified as an ATV instructor certifies other criminal division members as operators. The team often partners with the NYS DEC and local fire/rescue agencies for search-and-rescue missions. The team also educates youthful operators in the proper operation of these vehicles.