Corrections Division

Each County Sheriff is responsible for the operation of the county jail. Committed to the county jail are prisoners who may be charged with any type of crime or violation, including homicide, rape, DWI, trespass, etc. The Sheriff is responsible to assure that all prisoners are kept secure and properly cared for. He must continually conform to numerous rules and regulations set forth by NYS Corrections Law and the New York State Commission of Correction, such as providing contact visitation, education and rehabilitation.

In order to provide a safe and secure correctional institution for inmates, the Sheriff's Office employs full and part-time correctional personnel. These positions consist of correction officers, corporals, sergeants, lieutenants, wardens and a superintendent. Civil Service promotional exams are given periodically for all positions, with the exception of the Superintendent.

Correction Division officers may participate in various non-corrections activities, such as the Sheriff’s Office In-Water Rescue Team and Honor Guard, Ulster County Emergency Response Team, and the Ulster County Emergency Response Team (U.C.E.R.T.).