Security Services

The Security Services Unit consists of deputy sheriffs and security officers whose responsibilities include weapon screening, building decorum, and providing essential public safety, first aid, and law enforcement services. Assigned members ensure that the security of the buildings housing Ulster County Probation, Mental Health, Department of Social Services, the County Office building, the Trudy Farber Resnick Building, and the Health Department are safe and secure environments for all occupants and visitors.

The Security Services Unit consists of a lieutenant, sergeants, deputy sheriffs, and certified security guards. All members are responsible for the physical protection and safety of personnel, county employees, caseworkers, clients and the public that have business within the facilities.

Visitors to these facilities may experience a slight delay upon entering a building due to the necessity of physically passing through a magnetometer, having their packages, purses and clothing examined, and in some cases a personal body scan with a metal detector conducted. 

These procedures are necessary to ensure the health and safety of all who have business within the building. Based upon the weapons screening statistics and the numbers of arrests and incidents, these are prudent measures to ensure the safety of all.

  • Ulster County Office Building - 244 Fair St, Kingston, NY
  • Department of Social Services - Development Ct, Kingston (Stations at main entrance and Veteran Services Agency)
  • Ulster County Mental Health - Golden Hill Dr, Kingston, NY
  • Ulster County Probation - 733 Broadway, Kingston, NY
  • Trudy Resnick Farber Center for Human Development - 50 Center Street, Ellenville, NY