Enterprise West Advisory Committee

The Enterprise West Advisory Committee (or EWAC) is a group appointed by the Board of Directors of the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance (UCEDA) to assist with the maintenance, operation and redevelopment of the properties known as Enterprise West. Members of the EWAC are appointed by UCEDA and serve at the pleasure of the UCEDA Board of Directors.

More details about the EWAC's roles & responsibilities and a list of current members is available here.

The EWAC will provide recommendations regarding the Enterprise West properties in furtherance of the County's following Redevelopment Goals:

  1. Supporting a diversified mix of new or retained firms and jobs in one or more of the industry clusters identified in the Ulster 2040 strategic plan; 
  2. Strengthening connections with and between existing local businesses through a combination of proposed tenants, configuration and location of uses on the Properties, and programming in partnership with the County and/or its partners; 
  3. Returning the site to productive use in order to increase sales and property tax revenues for the local jurisdictions; 
  4. Improving equity through active engagement, recruitment and/or development of minority- and woman-owned businesses, worker-owned cooperatives, micro-enterprises and sole proprietors; 
  5. Recognizing, celebrating and enhancing the Properties’ assets, including the historical legacy of IBM’s presence in the County; the proximity of the Esopus Creek, Lincoln Park neighborhood and Ulster Avenue commercial district; and the site’s robust infrastructure, including transportation, sewer/water, electric and telecommunications; 
  6. Advancing the County’s goals for a Green New Deal through the production and use of renewable energy, the use green building materials and practices, and the expansion of green businesses and jobs; 
  7. Catalyzing future redevelopment and investment in surrounding properties, especially the remaining portions of the former IBM campus, the Ulster Avenue commercial corridor and the Hudson Valley Mall