Former IBM Campus (aka TechCity)

This page contains information related to the redevelopment of the former IBM campus in the Town of Ulster. The campus was branded as "TechCity" when it was purchased in 1998 following IBM's departure. Since then, a history of failures have led to the deterioration of the site and its existing buildings and have created hazardous environmental conditions due to improper demolition of asbestos-containing materials. The site - which once housed the County's largest employer - has been an economic liability for over two decades.

In 2019, County Executive Ryan ordered the commencement of foreclosure proceedings, which resulted in the County's acquisition of 82 acres on the west side of Enterprise Drive. Those parcels were transferred to the County's local development corporation (Ulster County Economic Development Alliance) and have been re-branded as Enterprise West. In 2021, the transition of the campus accelerated, with the purchase of six parcels on the far eastern edge by a clothing wholesaler/distributor and the commencement by the County of foreclosure proceedings on virtually all of the remaining TechCity parcels.

On December 1, 2021, Ulster County Court Judge Bryan Rounds signed a settlement order that, once implemented, would result in the sale of the remaining TechCity parcels to National Resources, a real estate company that specializes in turning around complicated former industrial sites, such as the former IBM campus in East Fishkill.

On December 2, 2021, the Ulster County Legislature set a public hearing on the transfer of the TechCity parcels to the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance for December 21st at 6:30pm. Comments may be submited via email to vfab[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us in advance of the hearing.

On December 12, County Executive Ryan and Tim Weidemann, Director of Economic Development, provided a presentation of the proposed transaction at a meeting (click here to view the recorded presentation).

On December 21, the Ulster County Legislature authorized the County to transfer the TechCity parcels to the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance, so that UCEDA could in turn sell the properties to National Resources/iPark87.

On December 21, the Board of Directors of UCEDA authorized the execution of a Purchase and Sale Agreement to sell the properties to National Resources/iPark87. It is anticipated that UCEDA and National Resources/iPark87 will close on the transfer in the first quarter of 2022, following the completion of an appraisal of the properties.

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