Water Resources

Did you know that many of the most significant waterbodies in the northeast are located in Ulster County? The westernmost portion of the County is often referred to as the "birthplace of American fly-fishing" because of the pristine headwaters of the Neversink, Beaverkill, Rondout, and Esopus Creeks. Two major reservoirs (the Ashokan and Rondout) provide the City of New York with 45 % of its unfiltered drinking water every day. The famous Hudson River, forming the eastern boundary of Ulster County, provides not only ample recreational opportunities, is a huge driver behind the County's $500M annual tourism industry, but also continues to serve as an important route for commerce. 

 The Hudson River and its Watershed

The eastern boundary (38 miles long) of Ulster County is formed by the Hudson River. The Hudson River in Ulster County is more than a river. It is a tidal estuary, meaning that it is like an arm of the ocean where salty sea water meets fresh water running off the land. It is often thought of as a "river that flows two ways". For more information on the river and its estuary, visit the NYSDEC's Hudson River Estuary Program webpage. There are numerous organizatons that work to protect and improve the Hudson River and its communities. Several of these entities, and many of the USGS stream gaging station locations (link to real-time and historical data) are listed below.


Scenic Hudson

Hudson River Foundation

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater


The Wallkill River Watershed

Wallkill River Watershed Alliance


USGS Stream Gages:

Wallkill River at Gardiner


The Rondout Creek Watershed

Rondout Creek Watershed Council

Rondout-Neversink Stream Program (upper Rondout)


USGS Stream Gages:

Rondout Creek near Lowes Corners

Rondout Creet at Rosendale


The Esopus Creek Watershed

The Lower Esopus Creek


ISSUE BRIEF from Ulster County Executive Hein on NYC DEP Pollution of the Lower Esopus Creek (01/18/11)

Lower Esopus Creek Order on Consent - NYSDEC (October 2013)

Lower Esopus Creek Consent Order FAQ


Ashokan Release Working Group (ARWG) and Spill Release Data

USGS Stream Gages:

USGS Stream Gage at Lamontville

USGS Stream Gage at Mt Marion



Lower Esopus Creek Watershed
Recreational Access Map

Click on map to view full-zize map

 The Upper Esopus Creek

Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program


USGS Stream Gages:

Esopus above Big Indian

Esopus at Allaben

Diversion to Esopus from Schoharie Reservoir (the "Portal")

Esopus at Coldbrook

Birch Creek at Big Indian

Stony Clove at Chichester

Warner Creek near Chichester

Beaverkill at Mt Tremper

Little Beaverskill at Beechford

Woodland Creek at Phoenicia

Bush Kill at West Shokan


The Delaware River Watershed

The Delaware River rises in two main branches that descend from the western flank of the Catskill Mountains, including the Ulster County townships of Denning and Hardenburgh. These two branches flow west and merge near Hancock in Delaware County and the combined waters flow as the Delaware River south. Through its course, the Delaware River forms the boundaries between Pennsylvania and New York, the entire boundary between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and most of the boundary between Delaware and New Jersey. 

The Neversink River

Rondout-Neversink Stream Program (East and West Branches Neversink River)


USGS Stream Gages:

East Branch Neversink near Claryville

West Branch Neversink near Claryville

Neversink near Claryville




Catskill Streams