Grants Announcement

Last Updated 6/16/2022

List of Grants

Mini-Grants for Artists

Arts Fellowship (any area of artistic practice and teaching)

Portraiture Competiton

Grants for Conservation and Ecological Restoration Projects

Water Quality Improvement Project Funding

Global Photography Competition (climate change theme)

Grants for Glass and Ceramics Education

Literature Prize (short fiction)

Photography Scholarship

Rural Surface Transportation Grant

Grant Award for Silver Jewelry Artists

Sculpture Grants Programme

Grants for Web 3.0 Development

Media Arts Fund (artists)

Media Arts Fund (organizations)

Grants for Individuals (agriculture, food justice and/or land sovereignty)

Community Grants (Hudson River Valley Greenway)

Economic Development Program (related to American Rescue Plan)

Emergency Grants (dancers)

Development Grant for Documentary Filmmakers

Writers Aid Initiative Funding

Funding for Various Types of Art Projects

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant for Musicians

Very Short Story Contest (not a funding opportunity)

Solar Installation Grant Program

Grants to Support Marketing of Area Businesses

The COVID-19 Visual Project

Women Writers Program

Emergency Grant for Creative Arts Professionals

Grants to Support Tapestry Weaving Instruction

Computer Graphics Prize

Hudson Valley Field Trip Grants

Financial Grants for Veterans and Eligible Dependents

Service-Dog for Veterans Grant Program

NYS DEC Technical Assistance Grants

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Integrity: Arts & Culture Association - Artist Mini-Grant Program

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association (IACA) Mini-Grants generally average $250, and are intended to assist with such things as: artistic supplies, recordings, studio time, exhibits, performances, project related expenses, residences, etc.

Application Deadline: July 26, 2022  (11:59PM CST)

For more information, go to
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Lewis Center for the Arts - Princeton Arts Fellowship

Awards will be to artists whose achievements have been recognized as demonstrating extraordinary promise in any area of artistic practice and teaching. Applicants should be early career composers, conductors, musicians, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, poets, novelists, playwrights, designers, directors and performance artists–this list is not meant to be exhaustive–who would find it beneficial to spend two years teaching and working in an artistically vibrant university community. An $86,000 a year stipend is provided.

Princeton Arts Fellows spend two consecutive academic years (September 1-July 1) at Princeton University and formal teaching is expected. The normal work assignment will be to teach one course each semester subject to approval by the Dean of the Faculty, but fellows may be asked to take on an artistic assignment in lieu of a class, such as directing a play or creating a dance with students. Although the teaching load is light, our expectation is that Fellows will be full and active members of our community, committed to frequent and engaged interactions with students during the academic year.

Applications for the next round of Princeton Arts Fellowships will open on July 1, 2022, with a deadline of September 13, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (ET).

For more information, go to
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Portrait Society of America - 2023 International Portrait Competition

The International Portrait Competition is open to all artists, members and non-members.  The competition welcomes and encourages a variety of mediums.

Entry acceptance will close on February 20, 2023.

For more information, go to
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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - America the Beautiful Challenge 2022

The America is Beautiful Challenge is seeking landscape-level proposals that address conservation and public access needs that showcase cumulative benefits to fish and wildlife, carbon sequestration and storage benefits, engage with and benefit underserved communities, support community access to nature, and help safeguard ecosystems through conservation, resilience-focused and nature-based solutions.

Full Proposal Due Date: Thursday, July 21, 2022, by 11:59 PM Eastern Time

For more information, go to
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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Program

The Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) program is a competitive, reimbursement grant program that funds projects that directly improve water quality or aquatic habitat, or protect a drinking water source.

All applicants must register in the NYS Grants Gateway to be considered eligible to accept this grant opportunity. All not for profits must register and prequalify in the NYS Grants Gateway to be eligible to apply for this grant.

Applications are being accepted until 4:00 PM on July 29, 2022.

For more information, go to
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Photography 4 Humanity - 2022 Global Prize Competition

Entrants must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter. All entries must be submitted between May 1, 2022 12:00AM EST and September 1, 2022 11:59AM PST.   All photography must relate to people being impacted by climate change, and/or people trying to reverse and/or mitigate climate change. Must include photographer name, title, date, location and description of each photograph submitted. All images must have been taken within between September 1, 2021 and September 1, 2022.

The deadline is September 1, 2022 11:59AM PST

For more information, go to
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Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation - Project Grant Application

This grant allows applicants to propose creative projects that expand Materials Science education projects in their community. Each applicant can request funding for up to $5,000 for their project, which should be directly applicable to expanding Materials Science education or training the next generation of glass and ceramic professionals.
In celebration of the International Year of Glass, special appreciation will be given to applications that incorporate glass.
Applications are accepted until Friday, September 2, 2022.
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University of Pittsburg - Drue Heinz Literature Prize

The Drue Heinz Literature Prize recognizes and supports writers of short fiction and makes their work available to readers around the world. The award is open to authors who have published a book-length collection of fiction or at least three short stories or novellas in commercial magazines or literary journals.

Winners receive a cash prize of $15,000, publication by the University of Pittsburgh Press, and support in the nation-wide promotion of their book.

The deadline is June 30, 2022.

For more information, go to
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The Ian Perry Scholarship - Awards for Achievement and Potential

Ian Parry was a photojournalist who died while on assignment for The Sunday Times during the Romanian revolution in 1989. He was just 24 years of age. Aidan Sullivan, then picture editor, and Ian’s friends and family created the Ian Parry Scholarship in order to build something positive from such a tragic death. Each year, this international photographic competition is held for young photographers who are either attending a full-time photographic course or are under 24.

The Ian Parry Scholarship is divided into two categories: The Sunday Times Award for Achievement and The Canon Award for Potential.

The scholarship closes for applications on 15th July 2022.

For more information,
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United States Department of Transportation - The Rural Surface Transportation Grant

The Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program will support projects to improve and expand the surface transportation infrastructure in rural areas to increase connectivity, improve the safety and reliability of the movement of people and freight, and generate regional economic growth and improve quality of life.

The Program is scheduled to end in Federal Fiscal Year 2026 or when funds are fully drawn down.

For more information, go to
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The Halstead Grant - Award for Emerging Silver Jewelry Artists

The Halstead Grant is an annual award for emerging silver jewelry artists. Applicants submit answers to 15 business questions in addition to their design portfolios. The experience is designed to help jewelry entrepreneurs create a strategy to kick-start their careers. The grand prize is a $7,500 cash grant plus other benefits.

Deadline: Postmark August 1, 2022

For more information, go to
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Henry Moore Foundation - Sculpture Grants Programme

The Henry Moore Foundation supports the growth and development of sculpture through its Grants programme. Henry Moore Grants continue Moore's legacy by supporting sculpture across historical, modern and contemporary registers and seeking to fund research that expands the appreciation of sculpture. Funding is available for new projects and commissions; acquisitions and collections; research and development; conferences, lectures and publications.

Next application deadline dates for 2022: September 2 and December 6.

For more information, go to
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Ankr - Grants for Web 3.0 Development

Distributed over two years, the $10 million grant will be used to fund multiple tiers that appeal to a wide range of Web 3.0 users including:

  • Smart contracts developers
  • Those who create in-depth developer tutorials and educational materials
  • Independent node operators wanting to become a part of Ankr’s network
  • Small projects that need access to Ankr’s advanced protocol features

To apply, go to
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Wave Farm - Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF) for Artists

For individual artists, MAAF provides support for the completion and/or public presentation of new works in all genres of sound and moving image art, including emergent technology. Grant awards assist artists in completing new work, reaching public audiences, and advance artistic exploration and public engagement in the media arts. Women, gender non-comforming people, and people of color are encouraged to apply.

New York State Artists may apply for up to $7,500 to support the completion and/or public presentation of a new or recently completed media artwork.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2022

For more information, go to
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Wave Farm - Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF) for Organizations

For organizations, MAAF provides funds to support technical strategies for online development as well as to hire outside consultants to support organizational and professional development. Eligible organizations have missions specific to the media arts, dedicate the majority of their programming to technology as an art form, and are current NYSCA grantees. Priority will be given to Electronic Media and Film organizations. Applications from multi-disciplinary organizations that incorporate art and technology will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

NYSCA supported organizations may apply for support in two categories:

    Technical Strategies for Online Development
    Outside Consultants for Organizational Development

A maximum request for each application is $2,500. Organizations may submit one request per application deadline. Each application must be for a separate and distinct request.

The application deadline is October 1, 2022.

For more information, go to
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Sky High Farm - Sky High Farm Grants

Sky High will be making up to $250,000 in grants (total) to individuals working in agriculture, food justice, and/or land sovereignty.  Funding will be determined by an independent committee of farmers, food justice activists and key stakeholders working to create a more equitable food system.

When: 2022 until funds are exhausted.

For more information, go to
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Hudson River Valley Greenway - Community Grants

The Hudson River Valley Greenway Grant Program provides matching grants to Greenway Communities and Compact Communities. Greenway Communities are eligible to receive up to $10,000 to develop plans or projects consistent with the five Greenway criteria: natural and cultural resource protection, economic development, public access, regional planning, and heritage and environmental education. Higher amounts are awarded for intermunicipal projects.

The next deadlines are September 2, 2021 and November 4, 2022.

For more information, go to
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United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) - Economic Adjustment Assistance Program

EDA’s American Rescue Plan Economic Adjustment Assistance program makes $500 million in Economic Adjustment Assistance grants available to American communities.

The Economic Adjustment Assistance program is EDA’s most flexible program, and grants made under this program will help hundreds of communities across the nation plan, build, innovate, and put people back to work through construction or non-construction projects designed to meet local needs.

A wide range of technical, planning, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and public works and infrastructure projects are eligible for funding under this program.

EDA strongly advises eligible applicants to submit complete applications no later than March 31, 2022 so that EDA can review and process the application in time to get a potential award in place prior to deadlines imposed by Congress.

For more information, go to

The address for this program's webpage is
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New York Foundation for the Arts - Rauschenberg Dancer Emergency Grants

This program provides one-time grants of up to $5,000 to professional dancers in need, who have a dire financial emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants must demonstrate an urgent and critical need for emergency support in order to apply. Two grant cycles are slated with another planned.  Cycle 1 is now closed.

Cycle 2 will open on March 1, 2022 with a deadline of April 1, 2022. Funds may be requested for emergency expenses for up to a three-month period between December 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022.

Cycle 3 will open on April 14, 2022, with a deadline of May 20, for emergency expenses between January 1 and September 30, 2022.

For more information, go to
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Catapult Film Fund - 2021 Development Grant

The Catapult Development Grant gives early support to propel projects forward that hold the promise of a story that should be uniquely told in film. We provide development funding, up to $20,000, to documentary filmmakers who have a strong story to tell, have secured access, and are ready to create a fundraising piece to help unlock critical production funding. The Catapult Film Fund enables filmmakers to develop their projects to the next level, at the early stage when funding is hard to find. It supports powerful and moving storytelling, by filmmakers with a strong voice across a broad spectrum of subject matter.

The Development Grant is open and accepting applications on a rolling basis. Please note the review process is 3-4 months.

For more information, go to
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PEN America - U.S. Writers Aid Initiative

The U.S. Writers Aid Initiative is intended to assist fiction and nonfiction authors, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, translators, and journalists. To be eligible, applicants must be based in the United States, be professional writers, and be able to demonstrate that this one-time grant will be meaningful in helping them to address an emergency situation. The fund is limited, and not every application can be supported.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. As of summer 2021, the last review of applications is scheduled for December 1, 2022.

More information is available at
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The Russell J. Efros Foundation - RJE Sprout Fund

The RJE Sprout Fund was established in 2021 to support artists across the nation with direct funds in order to provide financial means to projects that will be completed within the next 12 months.

All artists are encouraged to apply – formally trained, self-taught, and those whose creative work falls outside of traditional forms of art. Artists are also encouraged to apply for funds for projects that involve their communities such as art classes, therapy, outreach, and non-traditional projects.

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.
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Musicians Foundation - CV19 Emergency Relief Aid Grant

Modest, one-time grants up to $200 are available to professional performers, educators and composers.  Applicants must earn the majority of their income as performers, educators and composers.  They also must have filed taxes as a musician in 2018 or 2019.

Applications received on a rolling basis.

For more information, go to
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Gotham Writers - #GWstorieseverywhere 

Each month Gotham Writers invites individuals to post a story on Twitter using #GWstorieseverywhere for a chance to win a free class. A story must be no longer than 25 words, with a max of 280 characters, including spaces and the hashtag #GWstorieseverywhere. Stories (which can be true or made up) will be inspired by what you see, know, or do, and they should relate in some way to monthly "themes" for the contest.

Deadline: monthly

Fore more information, go to



NYSERDA - Affordable Solar and Storage Predevelopment and Technical Assistance (Predevelopment Program)

The Predevelopment Program provides grants to address barriers to solar installations serving low-to-moderate income (LMI) households living in rental housing, multifamily buildings or other households not served by traditional on-site residential solar. Individual awards will not exceed $200,000. Funding to proposals through this solicitation will offset costs for predevelopment and technical assistance work needed to implement solar installations for multifamily affordable housing and/or shared solar (Community Distributed Generation) installations that benefit LMI households. 

■ Eligibility: Applications must be submitted by or include the documented participation of any of the following: owners, providers or managers of regulated multifamily affordable housing, community land trusts, land banks or portfolios of single-family affordable housing; local government agencies; Community Development Corporations (CDC), Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) or other community organizations providing services to LMI households and/or demonstrating an LMI constituency; and prior recipients of Predevelopment Program grants seeking to replicate and expand upon the success from a prior completed Predevelopment Program project. 

■ Funding: Up to $10.65 million is available with individual awards not to exceed $200,000. 

■ Deadline: Continuous through December 31, 2024, or until depleted 

■ Contact: Email - affordablesolar[at]nyserda.ny[dot]gov

■ Website:



Chronogram Media - Chronogram Community Grant Program

Chronogram Media’s Community Grant Program aims to support marketing programs for a variety of Hudson Valley BIPOC-and women-owned small businesses, virtual events, and regional nonprofits. Accepted partners will receive: 

  • Run-of-site digital advertising on properties (,,
  • Social media shout-out on Chronogram channels (over 20,000 followers)
  • Inclusion on quarterly full-page ad in Chronogram about our grant program participants
  • Inclusion in monthly newsletter to our Art of Business newsletter list
  • Exclusive rates (up to 50% off rate card) in Chronogram magazine and our Eat.Play.Stay newsletter

Applicants are evaluated based on financial need, commitment to social change, and alignment with Chronogram Media’s values. Media placements are subject to available inventory.

Applications received on a rolling basis.

To apply, go to



Lens Culture - The COVID-19 Visual Project: A Time of Distance

The COVID-19 Visual Project. A Time of Distance, conceived and produced by Cortona On The Move, international festival of visual narrative in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo, is an ongoing permanent archive of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on people’s lives around the globe. The online platform, launched on May 11th, 2020, will continue to grow until a vaccine or a cure is found. The stories from international visual artists will narrate this time of crisis focusing on relevant themes like the health emergency, the economic backlash, as well as social and personal consequences. The ultimate goal is to create a repository that documents global facts and widespread emotions that define this unique historical moment. This is not a grant or award.

For more information,



Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation - New ERA Women Writers Program

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation is accepting applications for their New ERA Women Writers Program. The purpose of the program is to inspire women and girls to learn to write or to be supported in improving their current abilities. The foundation believes that one of the most important skills in life that one can attain is learning to be an effective writer and communicator. It supports programs that will provide women and girls with the knowledge and skills to express themselves through the art of writing and to encourage higher levels of training designed to assist women in delivering clear and persuasive arguments for change and equality.

■ Eligibility:  The grant application must be submitted by a registered 501(c)(3) organization. The program supports all areas of writing:  journalism, fiction, poetry, prose, blogging, novel, autobiography, book reviews, comic strips, diaries, essays, fables - the sky’s the limit - as long as the program supports women and girls and their writing aspirations. Non-English language programs are included as part of these programs. Programs can be workshops, writing clubs, curriculum-based programs, after-school programs, summer programs, retreats, etc.
■ Funding: up to $25,000
■ Deadline: on a rolling basis
■ Contact: Email - info[at]ctbfoundation[dot]org
■ Website:



Max's Kansas City Project - Emergency Grants

This non-profit welcomes applications throughout the year to professionals in the creative arts. There are no deadlines. Funding is determined according to the individual’s need and is disbursed in the form of a grant not to exceed $1000. Funding will be based on a sliding scale according to each individual’s specific case. All applications are reviewed and given consideration according to the most critical situations and urgency. The organization accepts art or other items that it can auction at one of its events or services in kind in exchange for assistance if that is a possibility but is not mandatory.

For more information, go to



American Tapestry Alliance - Weaving the Future Grants

The American Tapestry Alliance’s Weaving the Future Grants are designed to support weaving opportunities for children and to provide training in tapestry weaving to teachers and others who will, in turn, teach weaving to children. Anyone who can teach tapestry weaving may apply for a grant. The grant recipient for this program is referred to as the Teaching Artist.  The Teaching Artist is expected to teach one or more Program Facilitators, who will teach children.

Weaving the Future provides grants of $250 to the Teaching Artist.  This money will fund a $100 stipend for the Teaching Artist. It will also be used for looms, yarn and bobbins/shuttles/beaters. All funds must be used for purposes related to Weaving the Future.

Grant applications must be received at least 30 days before the start date for the activities that the grant will support.

For more information and a grant application, go to



FlatPyramid - 3D Scholarship

FlatPyramid is offering a $1,000 to anyone interested in Computer Graphics and or related fields of study. It is the company's way to give back to the community and encourage growth and development in the 3D industry.  Prize money is awarded quarterly.  To enter, participants are expected to publish work on its site, either for sale or free.

No deadline. Prize (scholarship) is awarded at the end of each quarter.

For more information, go to



Teaching the Hudson Valley - Explore Awards

Teaching the Hudson Valley’s Explore Awards fund student field experiences that:

Create opportunities for students to explore the history, environment, and culture of the Hudson River Valley, connecting their studies to significant places.

Encourage students’ appreciation for and stewardship of their communities and cultures.

Connect teachers with site educators and place-based learning.

For more information, go to


Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Unmet Needs Program

The Unmet Needs program offers financial assistance to service members, veterans or eligible dependents listed under the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to assist with basic life needs. All grants are paid directly to the creditor, in amounts up to $1,500.

■ Eligibility: Financial hardship must be due to one of the following reasons: 1) currently on active duty, whose financial hardship is a result of a current deployment, military pay error, or from being discharged for medical reasons; 2) discharged on or after September 11, 2001, whose financial hardship is a direct result of military service-connected injuries and/or illnesses; and 3) discharged before September 11, 2001, are on a fixed income that must include VA compensation and facing an unexpected financial hardship.

■ Funding: All applications are individually reviewed, and VFW reserves the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

■ Deadline: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

■ Contact Information
Phone: 866-789-6333
Email: unmetneeds[at]vfw[dot]org


American Humane - Wags4Patriots Program

American Humane provides funding and support to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) who are seeking lifesaving service dogs through the Wags4Patriots program.

■ Eligibility: Only active or retired military individuals with a PTSD diagnosis are considered for this grant. Successful completion of the service dog agency’s application is necessary, and only applications received through the appropriate online submission process will be eligible.

■ Funding: Funding may be used only to help offset the adoption costs for obtaining a PTSD service dog. Funding is paid directly to the service dog agency.

■ Deadline: The grant is on a rolling basis.

■ Contact: Mary Mackie

Phone: 800-227-4645
Email: marym[at]americanhumane[dot]org


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – Technical Assistance Grants

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is continuously accepting applications for Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs). TAGs are a citizen participation tool available to eligible community groups to increase public awareness and understanding of remedial activities taking place in their community. Eligible community groups may apply to receive grants for up to $50,000 per eligible site. There is no matching contribution required on the part of the grant recipient.

Eligibility: A community group must be a non-responsible-party community group incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation having 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code; be a group whose members’ health, economic well-being or enjoyment of the environment may be affected by a release or threatened release of contamination at the eligible site; and be a group whose membership represents the interests of the community affected by the eligible site. Sites that are eligible for a TAG include:

  • Class 2 sites on the New York State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites (State Superfund Program significant threat sites); or
  • Sites being remediated under the State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has determined pose a significant threat to public health and/or the environment.

Funding: limited to $50,000 per site.

Deadline: continuous

Contact: TAG Coordinator
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-7012
Phone: (518) 402-9711