Agriculture and Natural Lands

The Ulster County Planning Department (UCPD) provides assistance and oversees programs with respect to protecting and sustaining farm operations in accordance with the Ulster County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. The County also provides assistance to localities with the development of their own Farmland Protection plans. The UCPD also helps to administer the New York State Agricultural District Program in conjunction with the Ulster County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board.

The UCPD developed, and adopted by the County Legislature, the Ulster County Open Space plan as an element of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The focus of this Plan is a framework for coordinated management and protection of natural resources. By putting the power of existing organizations together, we can focus our financial and human resources to protect our open spaces as we grow. The Plan recommends that the County use this management framework to coordinate and support the many efforts to protect open space resources in Ulster County.

The UCPD also provides technical assistance on a variety of environmental issues including stormwater impacts and hydrofracking.

Environmental Programs

The Ulster County Planning Department is involved in environmental programs in the following areas:

Ulster County Open Space Plan
The Ulster County Open Space Plan is the result of input from stakeholder groups throughout the County. It is founded on an understanding of sound resource management and planning policies that reflect the needs and values of the people, places, and existing natural resources of the County. It was brought to fruition through the joint efforts of the Environmental Management Council and the County Planning Board.

Ulster County's Stormwater Management Program
The County's Stormwater hotline, documents, and Laws as well as links to outside resources.

Additional Environmental Resources
Key off-site web-links.