Meeting Policies and Procedures The UCPB's Monthly Meeting

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Time, Date, and Location
The Agenda
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Time, Data, and Location

The UCPB meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM in the Surrogate’s Court, located on the thirdn floor of the Ulster County Office Building located at 244 Fair Street in Kingston unless otherwise noted. Refer to our site for updates to the schedule.

The Agenda

The agenda usually consists of 9 areas as follows:

  • Roll Call
  • Previous Minutes: Approval of.
  • Financial Report: An update on the budget.
  • Public Comment: This is the opportunity for members of the public to comment on topics of County-wide planning concern. The public is welcome to offer comment with an amount of time set at the discretion of the UCPB chairperson. Sign-in as a guest is requested.
  • Community Reports: Opportunity for the members of the UCPB to offer reports from their individual municipalities.
  • Communications: Materials received by the UCPB staff that need to be brought to the attention of the Board or the municipalities they represent. These typically consist of, but are not limited to, grant opportunities and award announcements, educational opportunities, and SEQRA actions.
  • Old Business: Previous business of the UCPB is reported and discussed.
  • New Business: New business of the UCPB is reported and discussed.
  • Environmental Notice Bulletins: Staff compiles a report of notices which is made available at the night of the meeting.
  • Referrals: This is the exercise of the UCPB’s project review responsibilities under the GML and the Ulster County Charter. A final agenda of specific referrals is made available to the Board at the meeting. Applicants may address the Board and respond to questions. Time limits are at the Chair’s discretion.
  • Adjournment

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