Ulster County Planning Board - June 4, 2014 Minutes

The Chairman called the meeting to order and asked Mr. Leibowitz to read the roll call.

1.      ROLL CALL – Present: M. Vaia, R. Sokolov, D. Whitaker, J. Konior, P. Brooks, K. Lovelett, H. Baker, M. Calimano, D. Boggess, T. Wilkin, M. Baden, J. Brown, P. Andreassen, B. Kalb, M. Watkins, F. Almquist, V. Markowitz, M. Rudikoff, E. Cafaro, M. Weitman, D. Doyle, R. Leibowitz, B. Samuelson Absent:  R. Pecora Excused:  K. Holmquist, R. Kinnin, G. Swanzey Guests: Chris Round, Wendy Holsberg


The May minutes were approved.  Motion by Mr. Kalb, seconded by Mr. Lovelett.

3.      FINANCIAL REPORT Mr. Doyle stated that we are still getting used to the new financial system.  We currently have approx $400,000 in the Transportation division for consulting reports. We have received next year’s budget package (2015) from the County Executive and will begin working on it soon. Mr. Doyle informed the board that as of Monday we will have a new copier.

The Chairman introduced and welcomed our new member Mr. Michael Vaia from the Town of Denning. Mr. Vaia said he was pleased to be here.


No Public Comment

5.      COMMUNITY REPORT Mr. Almquist stated the traffic between 209 and Adams is a nightmare right now, but by the end of June, the medical office building will be open. Mr. Almquist also reported that Ulster is looking at a proposed 4-story Holiday Inn Express to be located on 9W by Stewarts, he added that the Town of Ulster Planning Board will be Lead Agency on this project.

Mr. Doyle informed the Board that the County Executive signed an order this afternoon stating that 100% of the County’s energy sources will come from renewable sources. We’ll be buying energy credits from a company called MEGA. Mr. Doyle added this is a commitment from this administration on its environmental agenda, and will be for all of the energy used by all of the County’s buildings.

Mr. Doyle stated that the board began a discussion last month on policy guidance in regard to sustainability and how it will be used in our referrals.  Some of that will be discussed in this evening’s referrals.  Mr. Doyle stated that there are policy guides in our referral guide and the board should begin working on an additional policy regarding sustainability, and then provide guidance back to municipalities. He added that NYS Energy Code is a good place to start.  The board requested a presentation on the Policy Guides be done in July.  He also stated that our office uses a lot of bandwidth on the County website and staff would like to take the Board through some of the information on the site. Chairman Watkins stated that training credit will be offered for the July 2nd meeting for this presentation and discussion.  He added that members who cannot attend the July meeting should contact the Planning office as soon as possible.  6. COMMUNICATIONS

Mr. Doyle read through the communications listed on the Agenda. Mr. Wilkin stated that Plattekill was unaware that they were supposed to send the Ag Data Statements up to the County, but they will be doing so from now on.  He added that it is the law to send them in. Mr. Leibowitz added that we typically only receive the statements when we get a referral.

Mr. Doyle noted that we have received a notice of the 300-day review from Ag & Markets for Agricultural District #4, which is in southwestern Ulster.  Mr. Doyle explained that the department acts as staff for Ag & Farmland Protection Board for the County to craft a recommendation for the Legislature.


a. Training Seminar–Using Technology in Planning Monday, June 9, 2014 SUNY Ulster 

Mr. Doyle made note of the seminar and described some of what would be covered during the training.


a. Lower Esopus – Technical Consultant Mr. Doyle stated that the County will be acting as fiduciary for Department of Environmental Conservation relative to the Environmental Benefits Program that came from a Consent Order with DEP. The County has received a check from DEP for $290,000, which will be used to review the draft scope of services and EIS for Lower Esopus relating to a  permit issued for alum used in Kensico Reservoir and how releases from the reservoir are needed. Secondly it will be used for a Stream Management Program on the Lower Esopus. And, thirdly, a small amount will be used for Fish Stocking.  Mr. Doyle stated that we will be conducting a tour with the consultant and the working group, followed by a meeting tomorrow.  Chairman Watkins stated he would be interested in joining the tour.


a. Notice of 8 Year Review of Agricultural District #4 – See Communications

Mr. Doyle informed the Board of the Ag Additions report for 2014. The period for accepting applications was from March 1st to March 30th. The Farmland Protection Board filed its report with the Legislature on June 2nd. There were 6 parcels (5 properties) and all were recommended for inclusion. Mr. Doyle stated there will be a Public Hearing on June 17th. In July the Legislature will consider a resolution of the recommendations made by the Farmland Protection Board to adopt or amend. The Legislature’s recommendation then goes to the Commissioner of Ag & Markets for consideration.

b. Environmental Notice Bulletin & Grant Opportunities– Mr. Doyle made special note that CFA applications are due on June 16th.

1.   ZONING REFERRALS – See Separate Zoning Minutes




The meeting adjourned at 9:45.