Burial Records

All those listed are believed to be buried at the poorhouse site.

The following is a compilation of records found in the County Hall of Records, the New Paltz Town Clerk's office, the Huguenot Historical Society records and various newspaper accounts from the Haviland-Herdgard Historical Collection at the Elting Library.

The records give the name, death date, age, race, cause of death and town where available. The names are those believed to be buried at the site, not necessarily all of those who died in residence. The official cause of death was not included in the records prior to 1880. Therefore, this database includes the reason for admission in the "Cause of Death" field.

Aerial photos of the Poorhouse site are available at this website

1838-1880 Death & Burial Records
sorted by name -85k
1880-1954 Burial Records
sorted by date -63k

These records are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and sorted by date. Click here to download the Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website. If you are searching for a particular name use the programs search feature by clicking the binocular graphic, or Ctrl + F.

Information transcribed from early archival records may contain language and terminology that reveal certain social and cultural standards of that time. Those terms and words are included here, not to endorse those standards, but to report the content of the records as accurately as possible.