Ulster County Public Safety Radio Tower

Project Background

Ulster County is proposing to construct a public safety radio tower and associated improvements (“the Project”) in the Town of Saugerties located at 35 Quarry Road.

The proposed facility will close critical gaps in the Saugerties area and is part of the modernization of the County’s emergency response as communications move from analog to a simulcast system.

The project as proposed includes the construction of a 180-foot three-legged radio tower with an equipment shelter, generator, fencing, and security lighting. Access to the site will utilize an existing road and electrical needs are expected to be met with existing service at the site.  It is anticipated that an approximately 60’x75’ enclosure will be needed to protect the equipment and include the tower, equipment shelter, and generator.  The total disturbed area will be less than one acre. The tower is being designed so as to accommodate other emergency responders in the Saugerties area. The County has no plans to allow commercial cell phone providers to utilize the facility. 

The County is coordinating its activities with the Town of Saugerties and is seeking relief from the requirements of the Saugerties zoning statute under a Balance of Public Interest Test as provided for under the statute. 

Public Outreach 

A virtual public meeting was held on September 17th.  To view this event on  YouTube, click here.

The County also participated in a public hearing held by the Saugerties Planning Board on October 20th  a copy of that presentation is available here.

Public comments will be accepted until further notice, via email to ddoy[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us  or at the following address: 
Ulster County Planning
244 Fair Street
PO Box 1800
Kingston NY, 12402.

Studies and Plans