Training Unit

As an accredited agency, member training is recognized as an important facet of the Sheriff's Office responsibility and receives increased emphasis and effort. Administrated by a Training Coordinator, the continual training program is comprised of two elements:

  1. An ongoing in house in-service training program
  2. Search for outside applicable training courses or seminars.

The Corrections Division has one Supervisor designated to oversee its training needs. This supervisor sees that all new members receive the mandated 160-hour basic training, within one year from date of hire, as well as peace officer training. In addition, all new members must complete a 4-week field training officer program, supervised by the Training Unit.

The Corrections Division is accredited by the New York State Sheriff's Association. To maintain this accreditation, the training officer must ensure that all staff receives the amount of training prescribed by the accreditation standards.

Each Corrections Division member receives a minimum of 21 hours in-service training yearly. Topics include firearms, use-of-force and defensive tactics, suicide prevention, legal issue updates, CPR / First Aid, fire prevention and evacuation, effective communication skills, sexual harassment / sexual misconduct, diversity, restraint chair and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). County mandated training, which includes Hepatitis B / T.B., Hepa-Mask Respirator, Right-To-Know / HAZCOM, and workplace violence / workplace harassment, is also provided.

Each member also receives a 40-hour training course in Direct Supervision. This training covers principles of direct supervision, managing a direct supervision housing unit, inmate orientation, supervisory techniques, progressive discipline, officer responsibilities, officers as leaders, inmate disturbances, managing inmate behavior and conflict resolution.

Many members have been trained and certified by the NYS Commission of Correction and the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services in specialized instruction and general topics. They serve as in-service training instructors as well as instructors for the Correction Officer Basic Academy, in addition to their regular duties. Outside training is also provided regularly when topics and need are relevant and support the mission of the Sheriff’s Office.