Information Services

25 South Manor Avenue
Kingston, N.Y. 12401
Phone: 845-334-5300
Fax: 845-339-1498
E-mail: ucis[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us


Welcome to the Ulster County Information Services Home Page. Information Services provides technical guidance, expertise and support in the management of the County's computer and telecommunications technology. Our services and support often extend beyond the County Government to local municipalities, school districts and external clients, facilitating the management and dissemination of public information and services.

Parcel Viewer

An Internet-based Geographic Information System

This web site enables users to query, locate, and analyze tax parcels within the County based on parcel id, address, or several relevant criteria such as land use and parcel size. The GIS Parcel Viewer can be used for analyzing and locating tax parcels in those Ulster County municipalities that have been digitized.

Ulster County ImageMate Online

Easy access to real property information, providing access to RPS data and photographic images of properties.