FAQ: All

Q: How can I obtain either a listing or labels of properties or property owners in Ulster County?

A: Call Information Services Customer Support at (845) 334-5381.   The Information Services Customer Support personnel can advise you on the information available from the various public databases and assist you with submitting a request. Real Property data can be selected by a number of different fields, including specific towns within Ulster County, property classifications, taxable values and special districts. Data can also be downloaded and saved either as an Excel spreadsheet or as a delimited file which can be imported to Microsoft Access.

Q: How can I obtain either a listing or labels of registered voters in Ulster County?

A: Call the Ulster County Board of Elections at (845) 334-5470.

Q: How do I contact my local assessor?

A: The following website contains contact information for Ulster County assessors and other municipal officials: http://orpts.tax.ny.gov/cfapps/MuniPro/muni_theme/county/county.cfm?swis=51

Q: What exemptions are available?

A: New York State and Local Laws govern the types and amounts of property tax exemptions. A listing of available exemptions and exemption explanations is available at: http://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/exemption/index.htm
Contact your local assessor for more specific exemption information.

Q: I am planning to build a new house or improve my existing property. How can I determine the potential impact on the property assessment?

A: Contact your assessor for an estimated assessed value of the property to be improved.

Q: My municipality is conducting a reassessment project. How do I find information on the reassessment process and its potential impacts?

A: The following website contains comprehensive information on reassessments:

Q: How do I contest my assessment?

A: The current assessment roll is available for review at your local assessor's office or on the local municipality’s website. You should speak to the assessor if you disagree with your assessment. If you choose to file a grievance, the following website contains the necessary instructions, forms and procedures:

Q: How do I request a tax map correction when my parcel appears to be shown in error?

A: Bring a copy of your survey map and deed to Real Property and ask to speak with a Tax Mapper. You will be asked to complete a Tax Map Correction Request Form and provide copies of your documents for review. The Tax Mapper will investigate the request and inform you of the determination and of any intended revisions.

Q: How do I merge the adjoining parcels that I own into one parcel?

A: If the existing parcels were created through Planning Board subdivision approval(s), the merge must be approved by the Planning Board.  Otherwise, a Request for Combination of Tax Map Parcels form is submitted to the municipal Assessor.  After the Assessor determines what conditions may apply and provides written approval of the request, a Tax Mapper will merge the parcels.

Q: How do I file a subdivision or lot line revision map?

A: A Subdivision Map Certificate is required from Real Property prior to filing the map with the County Clerk: Subdivision Map Certification Form. The Fee Schedule for the certificate is available at: Fee Schedule The Ulster County Clerk’s website has instructions for recording land records.