FAQ: Health

Q: How can I schedule a Public Health Education presentation at my event?

A: The Health Department receives numerous requests for presentations.  They are prioritized in terms of reaching the maximum number of residents within diverse geographical areas of the County and according to the level of expertise of the subject matter requested. In order to understand your needs more fully, complete the Health Education Outreach Request Form either online and email it back or print and mail back to the address on the form.

Q: What is the Public Health Preparedness Program?

A: This program aims to get professionals and the public ready in case of an emergency.  It provides preparation, response and recovery activities in order to build community resilience.

Q: If my water is provided by a community drinking water system, how do I find out about my drinking water quality?

A: Contact your water supplier or the Health Department. The water supplier is required to sample the drinking water routinely and submit copies of all water samples to the Health Department.  Annual Water Quality Reports are distributed by all community water systems to their users. 

Q: Which drinking water supplies are regulated by the Health Department?

A: The Health Department regulates drinking water supplies that serve 25 or more persons per day, all bottled and bulk drinking water distributors and all Health Department-permitted operations that have their own drinking water supply.

Q: How do I get my drinking water tested?

A: Water quality can potentially be compromised by the presence of certain bacteria and/or chemical compounds. Laboratories conduct different tests for different categories of contaminants.  Testing should be performed by a New York State Department of Health approved laboratory. The list can be found at: http://www.wadsworth.org/labcert/elap/comm.html To have microbiological testing by the Ulster County Health Department call 340-3010 or contact one of the labs on the New York State Department of Health list.

Q: What should I do about a sick-looking, possibly rabid animal on my property?

A: Call the Health Department immediately.  During business hours call (845) 340-3010  After Hours Medical Examiner: (845) 943-6103 After Hours Public Health Emergencies: (845) 943-6104 Avoid contact with the animal and keep any domestic pets away from the animal. 

Q: What should I do if I find a bat in my house?

A: Call the Health Department immediately.  During business hours call (845) 340-3010. After Hours Medical Examiner: (845) 943-6103 After Hours Public Health Emergencies: (845) 943-6104 Bats may carry rabies.  Do not release the bat before speaking to someone at the Health Department. 

Q: I am building a house, how do I apply for a septic permit?

A: Applications can be obtained by calling the Environmental Health Services Division (845) 340-3010.  A design for the proposed septic system created by a NYS licensed Professional Engineer, a registered architect or land surveyor with an N exemption to evaluate your lot is required.   

Q: Does my landlord have to supply heat?

A: The landlord must supply heating facilities capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms at not less than 68 degrees.  Your rental agreement may specify who pays for the heat. 

Q: Do I need a permit to operate a hot dog truck and where can I park it?

A: Yes, a hot dog truck or “mobile food service facility” requires a permit from the Health Department.  Contact the Environmental Health Services Division at (845) 340-3010 and speak with a Public Health Sanitarian for the specific permit requirements.  Contact the municipality where you intend to park the truck to determine where you are allowed to park it.