Mandatory Training 2021

It is time to begin the Ulster County Mandatory Training Program for 2021. This year, training can be done either virtually, or in person. All County Employees will be required to complete the training process to fulfill New York State and Ulster County Obligations. Virtual Instructions are listed below, and in-person trainings will need to be scheduled with the Personnel Department.

County Employees must:

  • Watch the Mandatory Training Video 2021
  • Watch the Cyber Security Awareness Video 2021
  • Watch the Benefits Training Video 2021
  • Sign and Date the Attestation Form ** Return to the Personnel Department: Attn: Cortney Moshier
  • Workplace Safety Survey Return to the Personnel Department: Attn: Cortney Moshier
  • Print/Save the Handout Training Packet of Materials

** This attests to New York State Sexual Harassment Training, Workplace Violence Prevention Training and Annual Compliance Training

Mandatory Training Video

Cybersecurity Training Video

Mandatory Training Video Benefit Reminders

Manditory Training Survey

Handout Mandatory Training Packet

Attestation Form

***Please remember that no credit will be given for training until the Attestation form has been received by the Personnel Department.