Recent Photos

Unless noted, photos predate demolition and are courtesy of the Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection

Administration building
Administration building (42k)
Bakery (34k)
Entrance Road
Entrance road (36k)
Barn (29k) - photo by Ellen Sigunick 2001
Full Rear View
Full rear view (30k) - photo by Jim McTague
Full Front View
Full front view (29k)
Male Dorm
Male dorm (32k)
Builders Plaque
Builders plaque - Male dorm (34k)
Male Dorm Exterior
Male dorm exterior (30k) - photo Bill Rhoads
Abandonded Hallway
Abandoned hallway (22k) - photo by Marion Ryan
Female Dorm
Female dorm (29k)
Main Entrance
Main entrance (27k)