Animal Abuse Registry

The Ulster County Animal Abuse Registry was created in 2016 by an act of the Ulster County Legislature.

Anyone convicted of animal cruelty, who resides in Ulster County, is required to submit information to the Ulster County District Attorney's Office.

The registry is not retroactive.  Convictions prior to the establishment of the registry will not be listed.

Anyone selling, giving away or adopting an animal to another person must check the Ulster County Animal Abuse Registry prior to any change in ownership.  Giving, selling or adopting an animal to a person on the Ulster County Animal Abuse Registry is a violation of county law.

 Michael OramasMichael Oramas
24 Rochester Center Rd
Accord, NY
DOB: 12/14/83
Conviction Date: 1/28/16
Eric Napoli
135 Marl Rd
Walker Valley, NY
DOB: 8/15/71
Conviction Date: 4/29/16
Gary Wayne VogtGary Wayne Vogt
182 Hasbrouck Ave
Kingston, NY
DOB: 11/25/79
Conviction Date: 1/31/17
 John Lewis Helmbold John Lewis Helmbold
182 Hasbrouck Ave
Kingston, NY
DOB: 3/23/72
Conviction Date: 1/31/17
Jessica Natalie CoddingtonJessica Natalie Coddington
193 Stonykill Rd
Accord, NY
DOB: 7/18/94
Conviction Date: 11/7/18
 Ben Gary TreistmanBen Gary Treistman
28 Garrison Rd
Shady, NY
Conviction Date: 10/31/19
Ramon L. BrunoRamon L. Bruno
202 Carlson Ave.
Newburgh, NY
DOB: 5/14/1969
Conviction Date: 4/1/2022
 Nelson Ayala DiazNelson Ayala Diaz
25 Oriole Circle
Newburgh, NY
DOB: 7/21/1956
Conviction Date: 4/1/2022

Anthony Gonzalez
140 Casals Place
Apt. 20-H
Bronx, NY
DOB: 10/25/1991
Conviction Date: 4/5/2022

Sara McFee
79 Abryun St
Kingston NY 12401
DOB: 8-25-92
Registered: 12/19/2022

Alexia Collaro
298 Route 211 W
Middletown, NY 10940
DOB: 6/24/2000
Registered: 12/28/2022

Kaytlynn Goodrich
15 Mirror Lake Park
Ulster Park, NY 12487
DOB: 9/10/1991
Registered: 2/23/2023