2020 - 2024 (DRAFT 4 Year Plan)

DRAFT - Ulster County Office for Aging– 4 Year Plan 


Through OFA and NY Connects outreach, enable older adults,  persons with disabilities, their families and the general public to make informed decisions about AAA support services as well as other services available in the community and assist in helping them access the services they need.  This may include adding new educational and support services forums while continuing to provide information to senior clubs and other speaking engagements. The AAA will connect with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies, making sure they are aware of AAA services, particularly for seniors who have little or no family support, through case management services and referrals upon discharge. It is imperative that discharge planners are aware of AAA services.

RATIONALE:  Seniors and the public exposed to necessary information are more likely to use OFA services and/or be linked to other resources they may need.  Seniors isolated at home run the greatest risk of unobserved injuries or health problems without regular case management, meals, access to transportation or human contact.  This process can begin upon admission to any higher care institutions or agencies for better planning.


Enable seniors living at home to remain there as long as possible with the highest quality of life through the availability of home and community-based services, including but not limited to, home health care and caregiver support and respite.  The AAA plans to accomplish this is by direct hires of aides/homemakers to address wait lists to meet the  needs of the community.  The staff shall remain educated and current with services available throughout the county through in-servicing; shall continue involvement with committees and coalitions, and keep resource directories current to serve those at home.

RATIONALE: Seniors who are able to stay at home remain healthier longer, and the cost of care stays low compared to institutional care.


Empower seniors to stay healthy, active and knowledgeable through AAA services and programming, including Medicare counseling.  Provide evidenced-based movement programs by continuing to offer regular opportunities for seniors to access these programs throughout the county. In addition, begin new programs in previously underserved areas by taking key personnel to areas through a mobile AAA service center and adding movement programs that service the townships equally.

RATIONALE: Healthier, more vital living can be achieved through self-education, exercise, nutritional education and offerings, and knowledge gleaned from programming proven to have positive effects on health.


Integrate various grant programs (NY Connects, NWD, etc.) with OAA Title III core programs through constant staff interaction, and continuously strive to keep all programs integrated as far as knowledge and outreach is concerned.  MIPPA outreach can be coordinated with NY Connects outreach. Continue to partner with Jewish Family Services to provide respite care volunteers.

RATIONALE: Maximizing efficiency using all funding programs can ensure anyone in the office can assist and direct the inquiring seniors and their families appropriately.  Partnering and collaborating with other organizations also allows for greater benefit and service to the community.


Continue to educate seniors, the banking industry, law enforcement and the public about elder abuse, mistreatment and neglect through education, reading material, seminars, and continued participation on the Ulster County Older Adults Empowerment Council. In addition, continue to participate on the Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team to assist older adults affected by financial exploitation.

RATIONALE:  There are diverse partners in this issue, including law enforcement and banking, where elder abuse may first arise.  The more aware these partners are about some of the myriad of abuses that could occur, the faster serious issues will be spotted.


Continue to work with County Disaster and Recovery Resources Committee and local DOH Emergency Preparedness forums for enhanced and up to date education to be able to offer the information to seniors and helping the with their own preparedness through seminars, literature, and constant exposure.

RATIONALE:  A well-prepared senior populace will be able to shelter in place during a disaster and/or reach out to the many helping agencies involved in this effort.

Goal 7:  Develop business acumen strategies to engage with and integrate into emerging health care delivery system transformation activities that foster outcomes-driven population health approaches. 

RATIONALE: To collaborate and partner with community partners to expand services and address the social determinates of health as it relates to older adults and to refine and work to implement the Ulster County Senior-Friendly Action Plan.


To use existing and new outreach methods to bring AAA/OFA services to underserved areas through the use of mobile vans visiting townships throughout the county on a regular basis, enabling seniors to enroll in important programs, sign up for legal services and  Medicare counseling  and provide information regarding home health services, home delivered meals and PERS needs, and all other services provided by the office that can be made mobile.  Transportation vouchers and simplified bus route maps will also be distributed as far as possible, and to as many community centers as possible.

RATIONALE:  Bringing the government of the County to the people where they live enables the people to access much more readily the services they need, express their concerns, give needed feedback, and establishes trust in the local government. Allowing seniors more mobility in their community,

GOAL 9:  To continue to present activity and educational programming, and create new workshops, game days, seminars, etc. to encourage a broader swath of seniors who might otherwise not be interested in coming to a community center, creating more opportunities for senior connections, and lessen isolation.  Providing this programming while having OFA and NY Connects staff and information on hand and accessible.

RATIONALE: Decreasing isolation and presenting seniors with local opportunities to connect helps everyone to be safer, more knowledgeable, and prepared to seek out the services they need.


Staff Salaries:  $815, 548    Total Expenses:  $3,381.106     Total Revenues:  2,354,290


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