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It is the mission of the Ulster County Office for the Aging to assist and empower older adults and their families to live as independently as possible, with dignity and purpose.

Ulster County will strive to reach more older adults and expand upon its current services by bringing them to remote and  underserved areas of the County.  This includes new educational health promotion, service enrollment and Senior advocacy program opportunities so they can stay in, and contribute to, their community.

To view the Ulster County Senior-Friendly Community Action Plan please click here.






Greetings to the Older Adults of Ulster County!

As we enter into August, we have already dealt with deadly storms and floods!  Very high heat waves lasting for days, and seeming with no end in sight – our fellow neighbors in the South are really having a hard time of it. To that end, please remember that we have folks who can come out and speak to your housing complex or Senior group about Emergency Preparedness.  There’s a lot to learn and know about this, and coming to the event, you also get a nice emergency backpack.  Please let our office know if this presentation sounds like something you might want to have.

Speaking of emergency preparedness, how about the idea of a solar generator?  They are relatively inexpensive, and in times of trouble, a small one can help power a fan or air conditioner, or small heater, a light or two, and charge your phone.  Food for thought in these uncertain weather times!  And if you happen to have a house that has a generator, we may consider identifying folks in the community who might be able to take some folks in during a storm where power is out, and shelter them temporarily.  Let us know if this is something you would consider.  We may make this a small project from town to town, involving the town supervisors.

We are also trying to gather and train people to assist with our Evidenced-Based Balance Programs like Bingocize and A Matter of Balance – programs like these are crucial to our health with regard to balance, fall prevention and personal safety.  If your complex might want something like this, with a group of interested folks, please let our office know.

Heads up! It’s 4 Year Plan time and we want your feedback.  We will be drafting our 4 Year plan to submit to NYSOFA and we will be sending, emailing, and handing out surveys for any older adult or their caregivers to complete. We value your input and suggestions, and want to know what is important to you and how we can improve our services and programs: what is missing, what can be improved, what you like, etc. about our services, and maybe what the County can help with. Those surveys should be coming out soon to all clients, and will also be in our newsletters and available at our office and on our website to complete online.  Please make sure to complete a survey! 

Thank you. Stay safe, cool and healthy! 

Susan Koppenhaver






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