Ulster County's Sustainable Green Fleet Policy provides overall goals and strategies to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Ulster County fleet. Local Law No. 6 of 2023 amended the Green Fleet Policy to require that a minimum of 20% of the fleet by 2025 are green vehicles, with at least 20% of those being zero-emission, and that after 2025, 100% of passenger and light duty truck vehicles purchased, leased or otherwise obtained will be zero-emission vehicles where technically feasible.

The Green Fleet Policy requires that the Department of the Environment (DOE), in conjunction with relevant departments, prepares an annual report to be filed with the County Executive and the designated Ulster County Legislative Standing Committee(s). Annual reports dating back to 2015 are published here.



In addition to implementing the Green Fleet Policy and publishing the annual report, the County continues to advance various green fleet initiatives, including the following:

  • Public Charging Stations: Ulster County currently hosts over 20 publicly-available two port Level 2 (240V) EV charging stations County-wide, with additional EV charging stations designated for fleet use-only at certain County facilities. The County is continuing to expand the network of EV charging stations at County facilities, with five ChargePoint stations (ten plugs) installed in late 2023 at UCAT (1 Danny Circle) and seven Livingston stations (fourteen plugs) installed behind the Ulster County Office Complex at Development Court. Additional County facilities are being assessed in order to identify priority locations for both fleet and/or public chargers in the near future, with Level 3/DC Fast Chargers additionally under consideration at key County facilities where they may best support public and/or fleet charging needs
  • Public Charging Station Locations: EV drivers may use the PlugShare map available at https://www.plugshare.com/ - as well as the accompanying smart phone application - to identify public charging stations (including those hosted by Ulster County).


  • FARE FREE: UCAT is now providing Fare Free (no cost to the rider) service for all riders for both our fixed routes and demand-responsive services i.e. Paratransit.  More information as well as bus routes and schedules is available at: https://ucat.ulstercountyny.gov/routes/
  • Transit Fleet Electrification: Ulster County is planning for electricification of the UCAT transit fleet. In 2021, the County completed a NYSERDA-funded Bus Fleet Electrification Study that assessed the feasibility for implementing electric bus service in Ulster County and the suitability of individual UCAT routes to be operated with electric vehicles utilizing current-day technology. It also provided recommendations for infrastructure improvements to accommodate future demands of electric vehicles and presented a preliminary phased implementation plan towards full implementation over the next 10+ years. The full report can be accessed here: UCAT Bus Fleet Electrification Study - Final Report