Employment Opportunities

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office is a progressive, technologically advanced and accredited law enforcement agency committed to meet the needs of the area's 182,000 residents and visitors, and to support other law enforcement agencies.

Our agency provides a variety of services to the public through organized divisions and units which include: Law Enforcement, Correctional. Civil, and Security. In addition, we provide specialized support services which include navigation patrol of the Hudson River, In-Water Rescue, School Resource Officer, ATV support, U.R.G.E.N.T. Drug and Gang Task Force, Domestic Violence Task Force and more. We employ a proud and diverse workforce of over 225 men and women who provide solid, proven service to our community.


Becoming a member of our team begins with you applying to take a civil service examination. There are two basic examination categories for uniformed positions in the Ulster County Sheriff's Office:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff Police Officer (Criminal Division)

The examination includes a written test administered by the Ulster County Personnel Department. Candidates who pass and score high enough are then subject to a physical examination and a physical agility test, and a thorough background investigation.

For a current listing of Civil Service Examination opportunities click here.

We Offer:

Advancement Opportunities include:

Corporal, Detective, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Warden

Minimum Qualifications for:

Assignments may include:

How to apply?

Visit the website of the Ulster County Personnel Department and download an application form.