FAQ: All

Q: Are site visits mandatory?

A: If the nature of the bid is such that you cannot be fully informed without a site visit, we will deem it mandatory. If it is incidental to the bid, it is not.

Q: Can a bidder change a bid after it is opened?

A: No. If the submitted bid is deemed the lowest, responsive, responsible bid the County may award to the bidder. The County is permitted to negotiate only with the vendor submitting the lowest price to further LOWER the pricing, but in no instance can a vendor be permitted to RAISE a submitted bid price once the bids are open.

Q: Are all bid openings public?

A: By law, all bid openings are public. All submitted bids are opened at the time and place designated in the bid advertisement, publicly read and all bidders disclosed. A written record is made of the names of all witnesses, attendees and bids received.

Q: How does a vendor become part of the County’s bidder's list?

A: Click on the link on this website by going to Bidder Registration

Q: How are bids for governments different from the private sectors?

A: Government's bids are strictly governed by the state they are in and the laws and rules set up for purchasing.

Q: Where can I get more information or ask questions?

A: The Ulster County Veteran Services Agency (UCVSA), 5 Development Court, Kingston, NY; 845-340-3190.

Q: Are military honors performed at funerals?

A: Upon request of the family, military honors are performed. Arrangements are made by the funeral home handling the burial.

Q: Who maintains the Ulster County Veterans Cemetery (UCVC)?

A: New Paltz Rural Cemetery Association (NPRC) performs routine cemetery operations, maintenance and care of the grounds. Improvements and repairs are overseen by the UCVSA with guidance from a volunteer advisory committee.

Q: Can donations be made to the UCVC?

A: Yes. The UCVSA oversees and a committee of volunteer veterans recommend improvements to the Veterans Cemetery from donations and available funds. Donations can be made to "Ulster County Veterans Cemetery" and sent to the UCVSA office.

Q: Are Veterans Administration benefits available for the expenses of a veteran’s funeral?

A: Bronze grave markers are provided by the VA at no cost for most veterans. Other federal burial benefits are available to veterans meeting certain VA eligibility criteria. Contact UCVSA for more information.