FAQ: All

Q: Can spouses be interred in the same plot as the veteran?

A: Yes, so long as the remains of both spouses are cremated.

Q: Are there rules for grave markers?

A: Yes. Only federal flat bronze markers are permitted, installed by the cemetery operator. The federal VA provides markers for most veterans. Spouse markers must be identical to the federal flat bronze style and are purchased by the family from a designated supplier.

Q: Who makes arrangements for a veteran or spouse burial in UCVC?

A: The funeral home makes the arrangements with NPRC upon request of the next of kin.

Q: Can a plot be pre-purchased or reserved?

A: Plots are assigned upon the death of the veteran or veteran's spouse.  At that time, the adjacent plot can be reserved for the surviving spouse.  

Q: What are the costs?

A: Ulster County pays for the cost of the burial plot, grave marker footing and interment for the veteran and spouse.

Q: What are the rules concerning flowers and other grave decorations?

A: In keeping with the rules observed in most Veteran cemeteries, only natural flowers are allowed to be left (not planted) at a grave, and will be removed prior to wilting (approx. one week).

Q: How is an “eligible veteran” defined?

A: The veteran must have served in armed forces of the U.S. or National Guard, received no less than a “general” discharge and been a resident of Ulster County. Veterans with less than two (2) years active service must have their bronze marker paid for by the family/informant.

Q: Who can be buried there?

A: Eligible veterans and optionally, a spouse.

Q: Does the County own the UCVC?

A: No. The County contracts with the NPRC to partition a section exclusively designated as the UCVC. Once a veteran is interred there, a plot deed is issued by NPRC in the name of the County for the deceased.

Q: Where is the Ulster County Veterans Cemetery located?

A: 81 Plains Road New Paltz, NY, on the grounds of the New Paltz Rural Cemetery (NPRC).