Mental Health - Ellenville Community Hospital

Ellenville Community Hosptial
Thomas Flectcher, Administrator

Services: Ellenville Community Hospital Biochemical Dependency Services is licensed by the NYS Department of Health and the NYS Office of Alcholism and Substance Abuse Services to provide acute care medical detoxification for both adolescents and adults. Individual, group, family therapy and referrals to appropriate providers are provided. Steps Outpatient Services offers outpatient clinic and intensive services. Individual, group, family therapy are available.

Specialty Areas: Outpatient program offers services for children, adolescents, and families. They have relapse prevention groups and specialized groups for men and women in recovery

Payment for Services: Medicare, Medcaid, and most third party insurance. Fee arrangements can be discussed..

Service Location and Hours:

Ellenville Community Hospital
Route 209
Ellenville, New York 12428

Detoxification Unit
Liz Hermann, RN, BCD, Nurse Manager
(845) 647-6400 Ext. 232, 234
FAX (845) 647-6450
24 Hour admission

Steps Outpatient Program
Sandi Hecht, CSW, CASAC
(845) 647-6400 Ext. 238, 261
FAX (845) 647-6450
Monday- Thursday 9AM-9PM
Friday 9AM-5PM

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services